The Talking Realities program is a multi-level, community-based, collaborative support program engaging with parents aged 24 years and under from diverse backgrounds and their children. It incorporates:

  • peer education
  • formal training and qualifications
  • flexible and accessible family support services including parenting and childhood development groups
  • school-based education regarding the realities of young parenthood
  • linkages with a range of other supports and services

The peer education component of the program encompasses peer-led information sessions, peer participation and a range of peer-to-peer interactions.

Program components are tailored to meet local community needs. Young people may engage with the program at various levels and intensity and this may change over time in response to individual need.

  • improve the social health outcomes for young parents and their children
  • contribute to the capacity of young people to make informed choices regarding young parenthood and parenting

Talking Realities also offer swimming lessons for young parents and their children during spring and summer, educational seminars on parenting and First Aid; and other activities.

To book a Talking Realities - young parenting presentation please contact:
Project coordinator: Rebeccah Egan
Mobile: 0407 942 397