Wow, this year has just flown; I can’t believe it’s halfway through 2018!!! The new Talking Realities young parent training has commenced and we have a fantastic group of young parents enrolled and ready to start, we cannot wait to see what the next 6months of training brings for them!

As for our school presentations, we have been extremely busy conducting 15 presentations with over 300 attendees, FANTASTIC work from the Talking Realities Peer Educators, the feedback is always great and we couldn’t do this without you all, your commitment to the program is amazing and the way you present is even better – keep up the amazing work!!

We have graduated 33 young parents in our program with 70% continuing onto further study!!!!
We have had 7 successful University applications!!!!

Check out some of our graduate peer educator comments:

  • “Talking Realities young parent program is the most important thing I have done in my life, I’m back at school and I learnt so much about looking after my baby, I feel better about me”
  • “Honestly, without this program I would not be where I am today. Talking Realities gave me a sense of purpose and I would not be at University now without this program”
  • "The program helped bring about all the positive changes in my life. They supported me, helped me, trained me, and guided me and helped improve my self-esteem and motivated me into Uni.”
Book Your School Presentation

School bookings are coming in thick & fast and we can’t wait to get started! To secure a school presentation booking for your school in 2018 please contact the Project Officer Rebeccah on:
Please note: this is currently a free service to schools within Liverpool, Bankstown and Fairfield LGA’s and the minimum booking time needed is 2 hour (if your school is not in one of these areas and you would like to book a presentation please email us).

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Check out our young parent’s blog page! This blog is a place where young parents can come and learn about others experiences and share their own! If you would like to post a blog on our page please contact me and I will add you to our blogging list, you can remain completely anonymous and blog as you please.