Wow, this year has just flown; I can’t believe it’s halfway through 2019!!! The new Karitane Talking Realities Young Parent training is about to commence and we have a fantastic group of young parents enrolled and eager to start their journey, we cannot wait to see what the next 6months of training brings for them!

So far this year we have said goodbye to some of our longstanding volunteers and are about to welcome some new faces! We have facilitated presentations at 12 different schools and had over 300 attendees in total!!!! FANTASTIC work from the Talking Realities Peer Educators, the feedback is always amazing and we couldn’t do this without you!!!! Your hard work, passion and commitment to the program is amazing and watching you work hard to reach your goals is even better – keep up the fantastic work!!!!!

Since 2011 we have had the pleasure of graduating 39 young parents in our program, 31 of these amazing young parents have continued with further education with 8 of these girls acquiring successful University applications!!!! 5 out of 8 of our University applicants have started working in their chosen career fields which include a Primary School Teacher, Lawyer, Registered Nurse, Community & Corrections Caseworker & a Domestic Violence Advocacy Worker!!!! That’s a 79% success rate with further education!!!!!!! Words cannot express how proud we are of you and it is an honour to watch you grow and be a part of that – keep up the fabulous work!

Check out some of our graduate peer educator comments:

  • “Before the Karitane Talking Realities Young Parent program I had no self-worth and well no confidence at all. I had no mums/friends my age and most of all I had no sense of which direction I wanted to go in my life. All these negative thoughts I had literally faded away in the very first 3-6 months of joining the program! They helped guide me throughout my darkest and also brightest days in the last 5 and a half years I’ve been with them. They have helped me more than I can even express. Karitane Talking Realities Young Parent Program is truly a RARE and amazing opportunity to be a part of. They have changed my whole outlook on mine and my daughters futures and for that I can never thank this program enough with just words for helping me realise my own self-worth and helping me bring out my confidence! I’ll forever be thankful for this life changing program I was able to be a part of and I’ll forever remember all the tools this program has taught me!”
    Peer Educator
  • “I am forever indebted to this program because they have helped and supported me my whole journey of discovering my life and who I am as Mother and the person I am today. They reminded me I can do anything I put my mind too, that I am someone and I can be someone great. They held my hand when I was scared, they picked me back up if I fell, and they pushed me knowing I could succeed. They seen the potential I had before I even knew it was there. But mostly they let me be me, and because of that, I am happy and in a place in my life that I remain so proud of and for some like me that means everything”
    Peer Educator
  • "This Program has given me the motivation and encouragement to continue my studies. After graduating from the program I eventually completed a Cert4 and Diploma in Community Services and just completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree at University. I am now working full time as a Mental Health Registered Nurse. It is a bittersweet moment leaving Talking Realities but it shows the program works! I am a prime example. I had no dreams or aspirations for myself and now I’m in a career which I love. I am still great friends with some of the ladies from the program and believe these friendships will be long lasting. I am more confident and now believe I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. I cannot thank Karitane, the staff and my peers for all the support and will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful program”
    Peer Educator
Book Your School Presentation

To secure a school presentation booking for your school in 2019 please contact the Project Officer Rebeccah on: rebeccah.egan@health.nsw.gov.au.
Please note: this is currently a free service to schools within Liverpool, Bankstown and Fairfield LGA’s and the minimum booking time needed is 2 hour (if your school is not in one of these areas and you would like to book a presentation please email us).